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Here you'll find only the best slimming products with proven results

At LeanGenie, we are dedicated to discovering, sourcing and importing only the most popular and most cost effective slimming products with proven results, from all over the world, to suit every type of individual as well as every type of budget. 

This includes Diabetics too! Diabetes seems to be taking the world by storm and we have recognised the need for slimming supplements that cater specifically to the unique needs of those who find themselves in its clutches, and thus, most of our slimming products are ‘Diabetic-friendly’ and formulated to assist in the regulation of blood sugar levels and other symptoms.

Not only do we bring you the best slimming products on the market today, but we also offer a holistic solution to long-term weight loss, combining excellent products with quality service and weight loss advice. Our dedicated Slimming Coach and team of dieticians and homeopaths also offer their valuable support every step of the way, helping you reach your goal weight in no time.


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Our eating plan FREE with every purchase

Losing weight requires lifestyle changes and the desire to make those changes a permanent feature of your personality. You will have to choose healthy options for meals and you must make time for exercise in your day. The more you make these choices, the better you will feel in your body and mind.

We'll show you just how to do this, because, along with your purchase you will receive our specially designed 1200 Calories a day recommended eating plan! It was written with the budget-conscious, time deficient, working woman in mind so it is packed full of items you can find in any grocery shop in the country, and better still, it focuses on items you actually know and can afford!

It also comes with tips and advice on food substitutions, foods to avoid, PLUS some great exercise ideas too.


And it doesn't end there...

We also have a wide variety of health, beauty and adult related products for you to use during and after you have reached your weight loss goal. These ‘feel-good’ items have all been added to our product catalogue as tools to help you carve out the best you you can be while on this journey to a new, better you!

Give stretchmarks the boot, fade out skin blemishes and dark spots, treat your body, skin, hair & nails so that you look good and feel GREAT from the inside out!


Latest Products

  ANTI GREY Advanced Hair Formula: No more grey hair! Absonutrix AntiGrey Advanced Hair Formula Promotes & Enhances Your Original Hair Colour! Absonutrix Anti-Grey pure contains the enzyme catalase with saw palmetto and is made with 100% Natural Ingredients that have been formulated using the most advanced extraction technique in the industry. It combines catalase with ot…
R399.00 excl. VAT
  5000mg PER SERVING: for xtreme stamina, strength and endurance! If you are looking for a supplement that gives you… Xtreme Stamina, Xtreme Strength, Xtreme Endurance, …then look no further. You have found it.   Absountrix Creatine Triple Power is a proprietary blend of: Creatine Monohydrate Creatine Phosphate Creatine Pyruvate …
R399.00 excl. VAT
  3000mg OF NO2 POWER: send your workout into overdrive! Propel your physique transformation and Xtreme muscle fullness! Get ready for the muscle pump and training of your life. If you are a serious bodybuilder, you know about Nitric Oxide. It is naturally-produced in the body and occurs when L-arginine, an amino acid, is converted into L-citruline. Absonutrix NO2 Xtreme Pump…
R399.00 excl. VAT
  INCREASE PERFORMANCE: for MEN and WOMEN! Absonutrix Testrone Xtreme boosts and enhances your natural capabilities for stamina, endurance and high energy levels without affecting your blood pressure or conflicting with medications.   Boost Your Stamina If you are looking to have better endurance and increased energy, Absonutrix Testrone Xtreme is for you. Origin…
R399.00 excl. VAT
  POTENT COLON CLEANSER: A powerful antioxidant with PURE ACAI!   Are you suffering from sluggishness, lack of energy, constipation and many similar ailments? Generally these symptoms occur as a result of a lack of minerals, vitamins and essential nutrients and this is usually caused by problems in the gut, not your eating habits. Mineral and vitamin deficiency lead to …
R379.00 excl. VAT
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